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VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. released MASI Version 2.0 software

VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. released MASI Version 2.0 software


According to the feedback from users and our product roadmap, VisionOnSky Co. Ltd. released MASI (Modules for Aerial and Satellite Imagery) Version 2.0, which can be used to automatically process aerial and satellite images in March 2018. On the basis of the previous version, version 2.0 is achieved after continuous improvements of half year. The software packages along with user manuals and installment manuals are released. Nowadays users can use MASI Version 2.0 software via two ways. One is to access our official website www.visiononsky.com and download our software package. You can apply trial use of our software. We will provide you our fully functional software which is valid within a period of time. The other way is to access the cloud platform, i.e., www.geocloud.work , which is provided by our partner GeoCloud Ltd.


On the basis of the previous version, the main improvements of version 2.0 are as follows:

(1) The procedures are simplified for aerial, satellite and UAV images. The steps to generate DSM are simplified to 1 or 2 steps.

(2) Two operational modes are provided: an easily used mode and a flexibly connected mode. The easily used mode enables users to manipulate the software very simply and easily. The flexibly connected mode combines the flexibility and easiness of usage. Through the mode, the professional users can connect various steps flexibly in the light of some specific requirements. For instance, user can write some chains to realize fully automatic processing for different sensors.

(3) Options of configuration are re-constructed for some modules. Some none commonly used options are deleted while some practical options are added to enhance the flexibility and practicality.

(4) Internal steps of MASI are easier to connect. The connectivity between MASI and third party software are enhanced.


According to the feedback from users in the past half year, MASI software has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

(1) The generated highly dense point clouds and DSM can depict and maintain the shape of buildings’ top in the urban area very well; (2) Terrain of mountain areas with large difference of height (the height difference is 3000 meter or more in one image) can be extracted very well; (3) The grid of the extracted height information is very small, thus it can depict the morphology of terrain details; (4) automatic DSM to DTM with high precision; (5) fully automatic extraction of height of building and tree (height from bottom to top of building and tree, not the height above sea level); (6) fully automatic ortho-rectification with high precision (procedure: DSM generation -> DTM generation -> rectification). (7) The algorithm in MASI can preserve spectral characteristic and enhance spatial details both very well in terms of the pan-sharpening operations.


Functions and procedures in MASI Version 2.0 are shown in the following figure.


One figure to understand MASI Version 2.0 software


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