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A new model of using MASI software on Cloud platform is set up

VisionOnSky Co., Ltd cooperates with GeoCloud Ltd to set up a new model of using MASI software on Cloud platform


VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. cooperates with GeoCloud Ltd to install MASI software independently developed by VisionOnSky Co., Ltd. on the geo-cloud platform based on Amazon AWS, which developed by GeoCloud Ltd. User can use MASI via the cloud service.


The geo-cloud platform (http://beta.geocloud.shop) is providing Amazon cloud-based PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services to customers from all over the world in the geoinformation field. The system provides an approach to existing and well-known geoinformation software, pre-installed on the platform. It covers all areas of geoinformation field – Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Remote Sensing, Cartography, GIS, Image processing, Point Cloud Processing, Automatic Object Recognition and so on. GeoCloud aggregates various software providers, including providers of software products with similar functionality. It is like a shopping mall of products from a variety of manufacturers.


These software services will be provided on a Pay-per-Use (Pay-per-Hour) basis and users do not need to buy the hardware and software. Currently GeoCloud.Shop provides a unified approach to tens of free geoinformation software products and to following commercial software: Photomod (Racurs), Photoscan (AgiSoft), IMC (Image Processing Center), SuperMap GIS, Bingo, MASI, etc.


A unified and convenient approach to different geoinformation software and data


Currently provided software (only showing part of the list of software)


As the first batch of pre-installed software, MASI can be used for free in a month trial period. We welcome you to use our software.



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