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Brief Introduction of VisionOnSky Co., Ltd


VisionOnSky Co., Ltd is founded by scientific researcher, and is a startup company which is concentrating on the development of state-of-the-art technology, software realization of the new techniques and industrial applications in photogrammetry, remote sensing and computer vision.


The company independently developed a both effect and performance optimized semi-global matching (SGM) algorithm which is applied to dense stereo matching of aerial image (including oblique aerial image), satellite image and UAV image. It generates highly dense point clouds and digital surface model (DSM) through finding the point corresponding for each pixel. We also developed a multilevel triangle-based ground filtering algorithm, which can transform DSM to DTM (Digital Terrain Model) automatically, i.e., removing the height of building and tree, only remaining the height of pure ground. The algorithm can select different level of terrain details in the light of the requirements. The DSM transformed to DTM can be extracted from satellite image, aerial image, UAV image as well as LiDAR points. We presented a block-regression (BR) based pansharpening algorithm. The algorithm can combine a lower resolution multispectral image and a higher resolution panchromatic image both covering a same area, and produce a new higher resolution image, in which not only the color content are remained but also the spatial details are enhanced by adopting the higher resolution panchromatic image. BR algorithm can achieve a maximum enhancement of its spatial details at the expense of a minimum spectral distortion for the multispectral images. In the algorithm, the bands of the multispectral image used can not be limited and the algorithm is specially optimized for the pansharpening of very high resolution satellite image. We also developed a series of parallel techniques with different processing levels, which are suitable for different steps of image processing. Not only concurrently processing of multiple tasks but also parallel processing in a single task is supported. The series of parallel techniques can be used either on multi-core computer or on cluster computer.


The above innovative techniques are realized by the form of software and we also developed several additional software modules. These functional modules can compose a whole flowchart. We developed modules of stereo matching, automatic DSM extraction, DSM2DTM, orthorectification, pansharpening of satellite image, the automatic orientation for a stereo / triplet of satellite images, change detection of surface height for aerial, satellite and UAV images, respectively. The whole flowcharts for aerial, satellite and UAV images, respectively, are fulfilled. After the abovementioned flowcharts, dense point clouds, DSM, DTM, nDSM, orthorectified image, pansharpened image and difference of surface height are produced. The software supports Windows OS and Linux OS, and can run on multi-core computer and cluster computer. The parallel techniques with different processing levels can leverage computational resources of the two types of computing platforms to the maximum extent.


The developed cutting-edge techniques and software can be applied to these aspects: (1) generation of mapping products (point clouds, DSM, DTM, orthorectified image, and pansharpened image); (2) automatically finding of new buildings, the buildings breaking the planning, and removed buildings, and estimating their corresponding accurate height; (3) monitoring the construction progress of new city, big residential district and huge engineering project; (4) testimony of land expropriation and housing demolition; (5) estimating the exploited volume of ores located on surface; (6) digital city and reconstruction of 3D scene; (7) collection of commercial and military intelligence; (8) accurate estimation of height of buildings and trees.


VisionOnSky Co., Ltd can provide different channels through which the capacity of different customers is enhanced. For companies with the data-intensive production, we promote their processing efficiency by optimizing their procedure and offering them the methods with high efficiency. For application-oriented companies, we help them to engage new and more profitable applications by means of technical updating. For software companies, we help them to improve their own software system by licensing them our technical modules. For companies providing cloud service, we as software provider offer them our professional software. For the users in academic research and education, we provide them the rapid realization of techniques and experiments in the course of research study by offering them our software and services.


The mission of VisionOnSky Co., Ltd is to promote capacity of our customers. We cordially welcome any form of cooperation.

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