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VisionOnSky Co., Ltd is founded by scientific researcher, and is a startup company which is concentrating on the development of state-of-the-art technology, software realization of the new techniques and industrial applications in photogrammetry, remote sensing and computer vision.

 We independently developed software MASI (Modules for Satellite and Aerial Imagery) whose main modules include stereo matching, automatic DSM extraction, DSM2DTM, orthorectification, pansharpening of satellite image, the automatic orientation for a stereo / triplet of satellite images, change detection of surface height for aerial, satellite and UAV images, respectively. These functional modules can compose a whole flowchart for aerial, satellite and UAV images, respectively. After these flowcharts, dense point clouds, DSM, DTM, nDSM, orthorectified image, pansharpened image and difference of surface height are produced. 

The software can be applied to these aspects: (1) generation of mapping products (point clouds, DSM, DTM, orthorectified image, and pansharpened image); (2) automatically finding of new buildings, the buildings breaking the planning, and removed buildings, and estimating their corresponding accurate height; (3) monitoring the construction progress of new city, big residential district and huge engineering project; (4) testimony of land expropriation and housing demolition; (5) estimating the exploited volume of ores located on surface; (6) digital city and reconstruction of 3D scene; (7) collection of commercial and military intelligence; (8) accurate estimation of height of buildings and trees.

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